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Sawyer County Accepts Low Bid for Round Lake Dam Project

 | Published on 9/16/2019

Sawyer County has accepted the low bid of $155,515 for the Carlson Road Dam/Culvert replacement project. Contract documents have been sent to Haas Sons, Inc. of Thorp Wisconsin for signatures. Haas’ bid was $34,116 less than the next lowest bid of the four bids received.

There was some discussion about the maintenance of traffic item where the Haas bid was $1,000 while the average of the other three bidders for this item was $9,817. Sawyer County will hold Haas responsible for full compliance with the plans and specifications under the contract to be signed.

Sawyer County budget allocated approximately $100,00 for the project. According to a Sawyer County employee, the county will be able to cover the costs above the budgeted amount.

The project is still anticipated to be completed this fall. RLPOA has requested to be invited to the preconstruction conference to hear the contractor’s plans and schedule for the project.

Letters to residents on Carlson road with information on the project and access during construction are anticipated to be going out very soon.