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RLPOA Financial News

Martin Hanson  | Published on 2/26/2018
We are about to close the books on 2017 for RLPOA. Our finances are generally in good shape. We currently have a CPA volunteer looking over the records for 2017 and will file our IRS 990 form in the next couple months.

RLPOA relies on the support of our members to keep Round and Little Round Lakes clean and safe. Our primary sources of revenue are dues and Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) donations. We have not raised the dues for a long time, yet our expenses continue to increase. Membership revenue is up 47% (increase in paid members combined with members pre-paying dues) this year which helps. Fortunately, last year our members stepped up and increased AIS donations 59% over the previous year.

For 2018, the membership dues will remain at $35/calendar year membership and we will continue to raise awareness for AIS donations.

We are off to a strong start with membership dues for 2018. 213 owners (or 31% of paid members in 2017) have already paid their dues. Of those, 24% also donated to AIS. If you have not yet paid, look for a membership notice postcard in your mail box in February.

We hope to exceed last year’s membership numbers and total donations to RLPOA, and we could use your help! Please spread the word about RLPOA to your lake neighbors and friends.