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Fundraiser for RLPOA and

Choose a picture in exchange for a $100 donation!

Special Offer Up to 12/31/19: If you donate $100 to RLPOA, you will receive a 8 x 10 high resolution picture of your choice. Choose one of the images displayed below. You donate. You choose your picture. After expenses (printing and mailing, $10), half of the proceeds (about $45) will go to RLPOA to manage AIS issues on the lake and the other half of the proceeds RLPOA will donate to the Youth Conservation Alliance’s ( to support a kids fishing and education on Round Lake (100% of proceeds goes to Round Lake). The picture will be sent to your home address on file at RLPOA (address on postcard sent in Nov. 2019).  Note: The $35 membership fees and AIS donations prior to November 2019 do NOT count towards the $100 donation. 

To view the available photos, click 2019 AIS Photos:

Make sure to note the Photo Number for the image you wish to receive. 

Here’s what you need to do:

If you want all of proceeds to go to RLPOA’s AIS, we will honor that--make a note on your donation. Please know that one of RLPOA’s mission is education and one-way RLPOA supports that mission is to align with YCA’s efforts to educate kids. Those that want to contribute 100% to the YCA event should go to and make a donation on that site. 


Make a donation online at the menu link above AND send an email to with your name, lake address, email, and picture number. 

Send a check to RLPOA Box 1070 Hayward WI 54843 with your name, lake address, and email. Tell us which picture you’d like by providing the number. 

Kevin Bushnick, who lives on Musky Bay, is the photographer behind these pictures. Kevin is on both Boards – RLPOA and YCA. Kevin has graciously volunteered his photography talents by donating the rights to these pictures to RLPOA and YCA.